Director at Cognite | Future Energy Leader at World Energy Council | Author of the book “Standing on the shoulders of giants”
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With AI and data skills in demand, companies’ digital transformation strategy is at stake. Sure digital skills training and a set of courses help but many fear that your workforce will lack top-notch analytics skills to gain a competitive advantage. Is that really the only way to succeed?

In the…

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COVID19 took all of us by surprise. The scale and impact were unthinkable to most of the people living on Earth today. Despite the obvious bang on the global healthcare system, there was virtually no company that came out intact. The automotive industry got hit particularly hard. Travelling was the…

Climbing up a corporate ladder is a goal for many. No matter if you are a lawyer, consultant, engineer, or other professional. It often requires several years to get promoted from one rank to another. Different organizations have also different hierarchical structures and values they merit.

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Despite that, here are…

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In the last few decades, greenhouse gases-mainly in the form of CO2 emissions-have risen at enormous rates. The blame falls upon global economic growth and abuse of natural resources.

No matter where you look, climate change is at the center of every conversation. The rapid increase in wind and solar…

Mateusz Treder

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